Founder and Operator of the Spiritual Awareness Center


Advocated for various students and disabled persons resulting restoration of benefits, and establishment of programs


Co-founder, and Program Developer for the Nzingha Women Doorway to Healing  Ancient Arts Healing Program


Organized, Facilitated and Taught various Women's Support and Advocacy Groups


Organized an African Holistic Health Fair for the North East Bronx Mosholu Tenant Association and Community


Assisted in the Organization of a large Alternative and Holistic Health Fair for Women of Color in Poughkeepsie


Helped to Develop the First Lyme ELISA and Western Blot Assay for New York Medical College


Received Honorable Mention in a paper published in a Medical Journal as a result of a study performed on Lyme and Pregnancy


Developed a New Bacteriological Media (NYC-GC) for the New York City Dept. of Health


Community Awards for Volunteer Work at the Sadie Peterson Delaney African roots Library, 2007, 2008, 2009


North East Bronx Mosholu Tenants Association  Award for Community Volunteerism, 2009


Webmistress for The Sadie Petersen Delaney African Roots Library Website and Moderator  for Fulfilled Rastafari Official Website


Founder of the Fulfilled Rastafari House and the Chapter Representative for the Upstate New York Chapter


Voted President of the Biology Club President at Organge County Community College, served two terms


Was the Recipient of 3 merit based,  major Educational Scholarships from both Orange County Community College and Marist College 


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