Rev.Tama's Suggested Links of People, Places and Things She Loves Spiritual

As a child, Rev. Tama often visited Pacem in Terris, a spiritual sanctuary in Warwick, New York. At this website you will be able to read about Dr.Frederick  Franck, the creator of Pacem in Terris and get directions if you wish to visit this "Transreligious Oasis".  Please note: the background of this website, and the picture on the first page of this site features Artwork of Dr. Franck,  from Pacem in Terris which Rev. Tama photographed.

 The Spiritual Awareness Center is the Home Office of Rev.Tama and her Network of Spiritual Sister and Brother Healers. The Center provides a unique, multifaith, and multicultural experience for those who are seeking Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health. The Center operates on the principle "We are here to help you Heal" and no one seeking is turned away for a lack of ability to pay.


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