Tama's Work and Strengths

Rev. Tama spent decades preparing her Intellectual Mind to Open the Door for the Spirit Mind. Through years of Study first in the Natural Sciences and then in the Metaphysical, Tama has begun to fulfill her Life's work by becoming a Minister and Counselor. Tama specializes in Metaphysical Counseling and Prayer Treatments/Spiritual Mind Treatments Tama has opened her office for her client's  Profound Healing on the Spiritual Level. A true Restorative Healing provides the Basis for a Healthy Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Life. In many instances, the Spiritual Work that Rev. Tama performs will bring about Healing on a Physical Level. In most cases, Spiritual Restoration, and Emotional Healing will come before experiencing a Physical benefit.  Rev. Tama asks that clients who come seeking Holistic Healing always continue with their Medical Treatments alongside the Spiritual Work that she does, and to expect the Miracles to begin to Flow!


One of the Most Important Qualities that Tama has is Insight. She is able to assist you in the Restorative Process. Her Unique Heritage and the Traditions which have been passed to her allow for a multi-Cultural, multi-Faith approach to Understanding Life and Attending to You. Because of the Network of Great Healers that Rev. Tama works with at the Spiritual Awareness Center, Tama is able to offer Combinations of Styles, Methods, and Modalities which can be customized to your needs.


Tama is also an expert Life Coach and her specialty is helping Teens and Young Adults to Navigate the Difficult Times in Life, Creatively and Effectively. Compassion, Love and the feeling of Real Friendship are Hallmarks of the Healing Experience with Rev. Tama. Her Home Office is comfortable and often times it is reported that the visits to the Center are just like visiting a Best Friend or Family Member. Rev.Tama also makes House Calls. Her schedule is such that planned appointments can be made at your home, indoors or outdoors, and anywhere where you are comfortable and safe.


If a Worship Service Small Group Circle is desired, Rev. Tama can hold a Unique and Spiritually Fulfilling Worship Service in the Home Center or is Available to Lead Services You would like to Schedule, for Special Occasions or for Spiritual Upliftment and Empowerment.


Part of Rev.Tama's work involves Advocacy. She is an experienced and effective Advocate. Tama knows where to obtain the services you need and is expert at getting them for her Clients. Rev.Tama's extensive knowledge of Programs and Clients Rights enables her to do the work even in the most difficult or complex situations.


Rev.Tama has expertly navigated the Public School District System, the Special Education System, Various Governmental Agencies, Mental Health Agencies, and has been a very Successful Liaison between her Clients and these Agencies, Hospitals, and Offices that are notariously difficult for most to deal with. Her Confident and Expert Approach and Presence is Noticed by Most and this allows her to  cut through Red Tape, while Understanding Procedure and Policy.


Rev.Tama's experience in Negotiating, Bargaining and Turning Adversarial Relationships in the Favor of her Clients is well known. On the Community Level, her Activism and Her Work is of the same Spirit of Dedication, and Endurance. No battle is too great to fight, when what is at risk is inferior Education, Less Services that are Needed, Loss of Benefits that are Legally Due Individuals or Families, or Less than Excellent Care.


As many State and County Government Officials will attest, Rev.Tama is not Afraid to Fight and Has the Ability to Mediate through her Advocacy Skills. Don't let the System turn you down, or leave you powerless. Allow Tama to help you Expertly, Creatively, and Effectively. Tama will Empower You, and Restore You in Your Fight for Freedom, for Family, for Love and for Your Rights.


"...But my Hand was Made Strong, by the Hand of the Almighty..."~Robert Nesta 'Bob-Berhane Selassie' Marley, from 'Redemption Song'. 

Reverend Tama's personal collection of locally mined Quartz Crystals (herkimer, New York). Crystals are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also used in many different Spiritual Paths as a tool for Vision, Clarity, Healing and Peace.

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